Saturday, January 16, 2010

ADSL in South Africa

In South Africa, 2002 was the year of the launch of asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL). In the past Telkom was ruling on the South African ADSL market, but now MTN, Neotel, Vodacom, iBurst and many other wireless internet service providers in South Africa are very competitive and take market share from Telkom. With more competition in 2010, Telkom is now too expensive and should cut its ADSL prices. Most South Africans consumers don’t compare ADSL internet prices and are just signing up to an ADSL provider. South Africans can't wait and only want ADSL today and now with more connection speed. By doing a bit of research consumers can realise that Web Africa is a cheaper ADSL provider than Telkom in the market. The South African ADSL industry is changing very fast, and Telkom have lost the monopoly that they used to have. In the following years, every South African ISPs can expect more aggressive competition in this industry. This mean that the South African consumers can expect cheaper ADSL prices.
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