Monday, January 11, 2010

E-learning in Africa

Distance learning can increase the number of people in education in Africa.The biggest obstacle to e-learning in Africa is really bandwidth. Undersea cables should provide more bandwidth to Africa this year in 2010, but there are still obstacles with unstable electricity supply, lack of computer equipment and internet access at schools. Practical problems should be solved first. Distance learning should allows african students to continue working on a degree, or start their work towards a new degree, from anywhere they may be located. Traditionally, most of the e-learning classes tend to be driven by the students themselves. Because there is not a traditional classroom and a teacher, the students must use their own determination and drive to learn the material as it is presented. Most often the material is presented either electronically or through interactive slideshows that let the students practice along as the lesson plays out. If they get stuck on a concept or need assistance the teacher and fellow students are just a click away through the use of email and online discussion forums. E-learning courses provide also access to education for older and working professionals, but there are difficulties to overcome if online education is to spread further in Africa. Many students do face some difficulties accessing course materials online, mainly due to slow internet access.
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