Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Buying a used laptop

Whether you work from home, are a student, or bring your work home with you, a laptop easily makes that work more enjoyable by allowing you to work outside, from the comfort of your couch, etc. If you think a new laptop isn't in your budget, there are certain things that you should consider before buying a used laptop. I hope the following tips help you avoid buying a used laptop that leaves you disappointed. Is the Keyboard Still Functional?. Unfortunately, if a laptop isn't properly taken care of, the keys will begin to stick. This is quite annoying. Also if the previous owner wasn't careful they could have completely broken some of the keys by typing too hard or getting frustrated and pounding on the keys. Simply using the computer frequently can damage the keyboard. When looking at a used laptop make sure the keyboard works. Is the Screen Scratched?. Not everyone is careful when it comes to electronics. Some people are able to damage electronics within weeks of getting them. Look at the screen very closely and make sure there aren't any scratches. Even if the scratch doesn't look like a big deal when the computer is turned off, the scratch could look much worse once the computer is turned on. Does the Screen Work at All?. Turn the laptop on and make sure the screen works. If the seller is reluctant to let you turn the computer on, walk away; he is obviously hiding something. The screen can become damaged in many different ways. The previous owner may have placed something heavy on top of the laptop, pushing the screen into the keys, damaging the screen. Or the previous owner may have even dropped the computer damaging not only the screen, but other components as well. What are the specifications?. How big is the hard drive?. Does the laptop have enough ram for the applications you will be using?. Is the computer too old? Before buying the computer, ask the seller what the specs are or open the laptop and look for yourself. You can find the information by right clicking on the my computer icon located on the desktop. Depending on the price the seller is charging, you may be able to buy a new laptop for the same price. Is a New Laptop Cheaper?. Computers are much cheaper than they used to be. Buying a used laptop is not always the best option. You may find that a new laptop has better specs that those of a used laptop and the price is the same, if not cheaper. Always be sure to check prices before deciding to buy a used computer, a new computer may be a lot cheaper.
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