Monday, January 4, 2010

New online payment system for mobile users in Tanzania

Mobile phone users in Tanzania can perform online payments and transfers using a new system developed by local firm, Wide International Network, writes The East African publication. From March this year people will be able to transact business online in tourism, travel, sports and entertainment, web maintenance and solution and ticketing. The system allows users to pay for around 30 services offered by a number of companies, businesses, government, learning institutions, faith-based organizations, health institutions, manufacturing and financial institutions. Wide International Network system will merge all related services into a single mobile transaction. In the tourism industry for example, booking offices, travel agents, hotels etc will be possible altogether to simplify the transaction process. Payments are hosted by IX Webhosting of the United States. Using the system, consumers will be able to simplify their tourism arrangements, facilitate bookings and pay bills for local services like water, electricity, insurance and others. The system has been already embraced by several organizations including Azam Marine Company Ltd, Vodacom and Zain Tanzania. Over 10 million Tanzanians with mobile phone access will be able to use the technology, by effecting transactions directly from their bank accounts. The main customers of the system include banks, telephone, water, electricity companies, ministries, revenue authorities, transport companies, municipal councils, exporters, importers, regulatory bodies and online markets.
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